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Invited vendors only!

Disclaimer: These applications are for 2023 vendors that received an email inviting them back for 2024.  If you think you should have received that email first check your

spam folder, if the email is not there you can email us at

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Vendor Levels 2024


Crafter – $100 for 10’x10’ or $150 for 10’ x 20’

Non-Profit Food or Craft Vendor – $100 for 10’x10’ or $150 for 10’ x 20’ 

Food Vendors- $150 for a 10’x10’ or $300 for 10’x 20’

$100 for every extra 10x10 (past 20ft)

Kids Orchard – $75 for 10x10 or $125 for 10x20  


Farmer’s Market – $25 for every 10x10 




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