Each Apple Festival rule is designed to make sure that visitors, vendors, and property remain safe and everyone has a great day. Failure to follow the rules may result in a $50 fine and/or exclusion from further Festivals, so please read carefully.

Your arrival

• Vendors may enter and begin setting up at 5:30 am. See the area map in this packet for your entry point and the general location of your booth. Volunteers will be on hand to assist you.

• You must have your 2017 vehicle pass to access the Festival area. Show it to the official at the entry point, then place it in the driver’s side corner of your windshield.

• The booth identification sign in your vendor packet is for EMS and law enforcement purposes. Display it on the outside upper right corner of your tent.

• All booths should be in place and vehicles removed from Festival grounds by 7:30 am sharp. Parking is available at Gaston College, two blocks south of the Festival. You may also park legally along the streets outside of the Festival barricades. Parking anywhere within Festival barricades could result in a ticket or a tow.

Your booth

• Booths must be flush against the curb with no guy wires, ropes or stakes. All supplies, chairs, tables, etc., must be within your space and not on the sidewalk. Do not block fire hydrants.

• Please do not use more than your allocated space. If the space next to you appears to be empty, don’t feel free to use it. It may have been left open for pedestrian use or safety reasons.

• Keep your activities inside your booth or just in front of it – not in the street. Please don’t “hawk” your merchandise by yelling in the street or force visitors to take giveaways.

• Never “sublet” or share your booth with any non-registered vendor. Doing so will result in a $50 fine for you and eviction of the unregistered vendor.

• Plan to take your trash and empty boxes home, and not propped on the red trash cans intended for our guests. Do not leave any trash in your space. There is a dumpster behind the Citizen’s Center for your convenience.

• No smoking or alcohol is allowed by any vendor.

At the end of the day

• If you run out of product, you may take down your signs and pack up, but remain in place until 4:30. Completely pack up your booth before bringing in your vehicle for loading.

This is one of the most important, yet most frequent infraction each year: For the safety of our departing visitors, do not drive your vehicle onto the Festival grounds until 4:30 pm. If part of your display includes a moving vehicle, do not move it until 4:30. Doing this WILL result in a $50 fine.

• Citations will be issued for any vendors still on the street at 6 pm. The City of Lincolnton Public Works Department will begin cleaning up with street sweepers and blowers beginning promptly at 6 pm.

Do not bring

• Amplifiers or extension cords. Generators, if you need one, should be no louder than general conversation.

• Pets. By City ordinance, no animals are allowed on Festival grounds except service dogs or those invited as part of the festival.

• Characters in costume with head masks (mascots) without clearing with the Festival coordinator first.

Specific to food vendors

• No charcoal grills.

• All cooking booths must be equipped with an ABC 5-pound fire extinguisher. If you do not have a fire extinguisher, the Fire Department reserves the right to ask you to close while you go get one.

• You are responsible for bringing the appropriate containers for your grease and carrying it home with you for disposal. Dumping grease, coffee grounds, etc. on the grass, on the curb, on the sidewalk, or down the storm drain, is not allowed.

• A traffic lane must be kept open for the Fire Department and Emergency Personnel around the Court Square and the north side of the center lane on East Main Street. Police will issue tickets for this infraction.

Specific to downtown merchants

• You may only sell and display those things that you regularly sell in your business. Do not sublet your space to other merchants.

• For your own protection, “sub-letting” space on your own property (such as a parking area) is strongly discouraged. Be aware that vendors not officially registered as Apple Festival vendors are not covered by the Apple Festival’s event insurance policy. Any injury or damage is the responsibility of the business or property owner, and you are responsible if your sub-let breaks Festival rules.

• Do not rope off the sidewalk or significantly block the sidewalk with clothing racks, dining tables, or in any other way.

• Please don’t reserve a space then leave it empty to the street. If you have reserved a space, you must erect a tent and operate it. If you leave your space empty, we will assume you no longer need it, and we will make it available it to another vendor.