*Applications for 2016 vendors will go out in February, with a deadline of April 1. It’s important to return the application and fees promptly. We can’t guarantee the same space as the past year, but we will do our best, and will consider your request for a move (space available). Applications for new vendors (those on our interest list) will go out in April with a deadline of June 1. Vendors are chosen by uniqueness of product, whether or not the product fits our guidelines, and space available, so not everyone on the 2017 interest list will receive an application. Please leave your contact info here for our vendor waiting/mailing list. Thank you!*

Frequently Asked Vendor Questions

Here’s everything you need to know, but feel free to ask!

When is the Apple Festival?
What are the types of vendors and exhibitors?
I'm interested. How do I get an application?
How are vendors chosen?
If I'm accepted, may I choose my location?
What is the per-booth cost?
I was accepted and have paid. When will I learn my booth assignment?
Does the Festival provide the tents and tables?
May I pay extra and have electricity?
What if if rains?
What if I pay and then I can't come?
How many should I plan for?
When may I start setting up?
Where do vendors park?