Just admit it.

You’re looking for that one special thing. It’s either a whole apple pie, or grilled Mexican Corn, or maybe even freshly fried pork skins. If you keep your smart phone handy, you can use the handy guide below to eat your way through the Festival. Don’t worry, nobody’s watching or counting calories! Pick up your complete Festival Map at one of our information booths.

How do you love your apples?

Item Name / Booth Number

Butter – A19, G27, D58
Cake – D22, G43, D52
Dumplings – D21
Caramel – D69
Candied – C10, D70
Pies – D38, C24, D22, D49, D45
Fried Pies – D59, D43, G27, D22, D49, D58
Turnovers on Sticks – D54
Apple Pie Pops – D47
Stewed – D57
Fritters – D66, D28
Sticks – D59
Apple Pie Pops – D47
Fritters on Sticks – D54
Apple Egg Rolls – D70

Country Fair Fare

Item Name / Booth Number

Chicken fajitas – D54, D46
Chik-fil-A – D41, D50
Fried Fish – D66, D55, D43
Corn dogs – D59
Corn on the cob – D57, D59, D27
Cotton candy – D73, D24
Fried pickles – D53, D59, D46
Funnel cakes – D59, D56, D46
Fries – D59, D22, D45
Sausage hoagies – D76, D74, D47, D22
Kettle corn – E8
Chicken tamales & sopes – D42
Shaved ice – D24
Cheesecake – D79
Ice Cream – H21
Pork skins – D59, D43
Nachos – D23, G36, D70
Steak Sandwiches – D28
Potato wedges – D73
Sno-cones – G29
Turkey legs – D51, D59, D12, D39
Fried Oreos – D59, D56
Pizza – D37
Tacos – D27, D52
Fried Oreos – D59, D56
Vinegar fries – D26
Walking tacos – D65, D46